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How to raise £1,500

We know that raising £1,500 can at first seem like a huge undertaking and you might be a little concerned about even where to start. Maybe it seems more daunting than 300 miles in the saddle right now. But don’t worry because as always Scope is here to help!

Make a Fundraising Plan

Being organised about your fundraising really will help you to be much more relaxed about it. You never know you might even enjoy this part of the event as much as the cycling!  Pick some ideas, decide when you would like to do them and think about how much you will aim to raise from each part. 


Asking your friends, family and work colleagues for sponsorship is a great way to get your fundraising started. It’s easy, unstressful and won’t take up all your time. We suggest that you use Virgin Money Giving. Once you’ve made your page you can share your fundraising page on facebook, twitter and even have it as your email signature.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a great way to make the most out of all the hard work you’re putting into your fundraising. Gift Aid means for every pound donated by a UK tax payer you will get an extra 28p!  With money donated on Virgin Money Giving Gift Aid will come through to Scope automatically. If donations are made to you in person just remember to get your sponsorship form signed and we can claim the Gift Aid for you.  

Corporate Matched Giving

Many companies will have a Matched Giving scheme or charity grant program which they can use to support you with your fundraising. See if your company does today! Even if they don’t it is still worth looking into how they may be able to support you in other ways.

Organise an Event

Events are a great way to get together with friends while boosting your fundraising. Maybe plan a pub quiz, organise a life band night, run a family fun day, the possibilities are endless. You know best what will appeal to your family and friends! The Scope fundraising pack contains a list of everything you need to think about but if you’re planning an event and need some more help we’re always happy to chat.


Collections in any busy area can be a great way to raise a large chunk of your £1,500. Outside supermarkets is often a popular place, at train stations or just in the centre of your town. We can supply you with balloons, stickers, t-shirts and collections tins. Some sweets are always a help too!

When Kerry was fundraising for her Cambodia Community Challenge she came up with the clever idea of collecting at the door of a nightclub. Even buying glow sticks cheap on the internet to encourage people to donate. Kerry raised £500 in just two hours!