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Route & Itinerary

The full course length is about 280 miles and is split into 7 stages averaging 40 or so miles as outlined below. The exact route, distance, locations of rest stops, and GPS topography will be released via the Participant Area in Spring 2016. 

Itinerary & Stages

All riders cycle the first stage from London, on and off the ferry (a stage which totals around 5 miles), and the final stage in to Paris. Outside of this is up to riders to decide which stages they wish to cycle (generally all of them as a solo rider!) When not cycling a stage bikes are transported forward to the next rest stop on adapted vehicles whilst riders follow by coach, allowing some valuable rest & recuperation time. If entered as a 2-man teams the only rule is that at least one cyclist must be on the road at all times. 

 Stage 1 Blackheath  Lenham  47 2500
 Stage 2 Lenham  Dover  41  1950
 Transition Leg Dover  Ferry 
 Transition Leg Calais Port  Calais  50
 Stage 3 Calais  Therouanne  33  1400
 Stage 4 Therouanne  Doullens  40  1900
 Stage 5 Doullens  Froissy  46 2050
 Stage 6 Froissy  Meru  29  1100 
 Stage 7  Meru  Paris  38  1150
     TOTAL 280  12,100



The exact route and distance are subject to change.